About us



Everian's mission is to help families safely navigate the loss of a loved one. Most people have never had to settle the affairs of a deceased person before, and doing so while grieving is a challenge. Everian is here to help.



Everian was formed following the death of co-founder Rich Conant’s family member. His grieving mother-in-law watched her husband’s identity get hijacked just weeks after his unexpected death. Thousands of dollars were charged to an existing credit card and new accounts were opened daily.

The shock of this theft intensified her grief and caused much pain during an already complicated time. Rich and his brother Pat decided to help keep this painful crime from hurting other families.




Rich thrives on helping people solve problems. He feels lucky to be able to work with dedicated people as a scientist and an entrepreneur. He feels lucky to work with people dedicated to improving our world.




Patrick loves building great software. With 20 years experience at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, OtterBox and NBC Internet, Patrick has built software for consumers, small business and large enterprises.  Patrick co-founded Everian to put his expertise to use helping people during difficult times.