How Everian works


First, select the plan that’s right for you.



Next, answer a few questions and upload documents using our short online form.



Now Everian goes to work. We will:

  • eliminate uncertainty about who to contact,

  • reduce hassle & stress,

  • protect you from fraud and financial risk,

  • save you hours and hours of work,

  • help you recover all of the money your loved one is due, and

  • give you peace-of-mind.

You get:

  • Certified mail notifications sent to all three credit reporting bureaus.

  • Pre-drafted letters to banks, creditors, & more — dozens of letters you can simply sign and send!

  • Automated closure and memorialization of social media and email accounts.

  • Guidance and support that’s simple to use and accessible from anywhere (see an example).

  • Clear instructions, supporting documentation, & contact info for important tasks like recovering funds owed to your loved one.

  • Ongoing customer support.

  • Up to $1 Million in fraud insurance to protect you against liability