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Which plan is right for me?

With every package, we will protect you from fraud, develop personalized guidance and support that’s simple to use and accessible from anywhere (see an example), pre-draft letters of notice to utilities, phone company, gym, etc) and provide clear instructions & contact info for a variety of other important tasks, give you ongoing customer support, and support up to $1 Million for resolution in cases of fraud.

The enhanced package will help you recoup death benefits from the Social Security Administration and search for missing funds your loved one is owed.

The complete package offers wide-ranging support, including contacting financial institutions on your behalf to initiate transfers- and payments-on-death for bank accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, property, etc. If appropriate, we will notify the Veteran's Administration to seek death benefits. We will also search for life insurance your loved one is due. We can often uncover thousands of dollars in financial resources that you may not have been aware of!

What happens after I select a plan?

After you've selected your plan, we'll ask you a series of questions about your loved one's living situation - in order to develop a checklist that's right for you. For some services, we may ask for information that will allow us to draft letters and send notifications (e.g., social media handles, name of banks, etc.). Finally, we will ask you to upload a copy of the signed death certificate and your driver's license. These documents are required for our submission to the credit report bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) and will always be encrypted and protected.

Your checklist will include a set of documents that you can click, print, and send along with instructions to take care of notifications that we cannot carry out on your behalf. You'll be able to easily access this information any time from your phone, tablet, or PC via the web or the Everian app. We'll be there to support you with ongoing customer support. And if anything goes wrong, we offer up to $1 Million in fraud insurance to protect you against liability.

How can I recover funds?

Your loved one may have held funds that you're not aware of - they may have been owed funds that they weren't aware of. We search for funds like these, which can be held by a variety of institutions, like financial institutions, Veteran's Administration, or life insurance companies. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive a one-time benefit, or ongoing benefits, from the Social Security Administration. In many cases, we can initiate transfers and payments slated to occur on death.

Why wouldn't I just do this myself?

You could do for yourself everything Everian will do for you. But while you may not have been through this before, we have. Everian is your knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted partner - we know who you need to contact and how to do it right.

Your situation is unique and generic advice just won’t do. By customizing our services according to your unique situation ensures that everything gets done properly. Our support makes things easier - saving time and reducing stress.

Finally, we're able to act fast, closing the window exploited by identity thieves. You have enough on your plate already. Everian services will help you focus on more important things.

What if I change my mind?

All plans come with our 100% risk-free guarantee: if for any reason you’re not satisfied with our service, you can opt out at any time. We’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You can also upgrade your service at any time.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes only about 10 minutes if you have all of the information necessary. You can access your account at any time, so no need to have everything ready to go now.

What information should I have at-hand?

You can get started right away with just a little bit of personal information: your contact information plus a few details about your loved one's situation. Before we can notify the credit reporting bureaus, we will need a signed copy of the death certificate and a copy of your driver's license.

In order for our service to be as effective as possible, you'll want to give us information (name, address) about the services (e.g., home services (utilities, phone, housekeeping, etc.), personal services (gym membership, etc.), social media, email, banks & creditors, etc.) that your loved one used.

You can access your account and upgrade Everian services at any time, so no need to have everything ready to go right now.

Does sharing this sensitive information put me at risk?

Working with Everian substantially reduces your risk of exposure to identity theft. Because we are experienced and able to act quickly on your behalf, we are able to close the window of opportunity that identity thieves exploit. Everian makes you safer.

Have other questions?

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